Picturing Britain 2012

The Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant 2012
Celebrating Britain in 2012
Royal Watercolour Society: Picturing Britain
27 July 2012 - 12 August 2012
The Royal Watercolour Society is marking the historic events of 2012 with a very special exhibition, Royal Watercolour Society: Picturing Britain 2012 held at Bankside Gallery, London during the Olympic Games. The spectacle of the Olympiad and the pinnacle of sporting endeavour in London will be displayed in the exhibition.

In honour of its Royal Patron HM The Queen and her Diamond Jubilee Celebrations taking place this year, Members of the Royal Watercolour Society will also be undertaking a ‘Recording Britain Project’ as a distinct part of this exhibition, by making paintings that depict the full panoply of these celebrations, from the River Pageant on the Thames to the Beacons being lit in celebration across Britain.

Be it ‘Sporting ‘ or ‘Royal’, Britain in all of its myriad diversity will be found at Bankside Gallery, London in the celebratory Royal Watercolour Society: Picturing Britain 2012 exhibition.